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February 1, 2021

Latin Dance

Moda dance studio introduces the dance genre Latin American Dance. There are 5 beats in total, each with a different style of dance. Both having fun with a fast rhythm And slow tempo Let’s see what are the beats.

5 Latin American Dance Rhythms

  • Cha Cha Cha is a dance rhythm developed from the past Mambo rhythm called this rhythm, Mambo Cha Cha, originated from Cuban (Cuban) music of the rhythm. Cha Cha performed at a standard speed of 32 songs per minute (30 – 40 songs per minute), which is a very popular rhythm in Thailand. That would like to be called the third stroke.
  • Rumba was brought to America by African slaves, but around 1928/1929, this pace and rhythmic form It’s not quite clear yet. Most people take this dance as a new form of Foxtrot rhythm by adding a hip to it. After World War 2, Rumba was further developed into a rumba cuban. Speed ​​per minute 25-27 bar per minute.
  • Samba the prototype of Samba is from Africa. But most developed in Brazil, the typical Samba action (BOUNCE ACTION) produces shortening and stretching of the knee and ankle. 50-52 bars per minute speed is very popular in brazil.
  • Paso Dobé is a dance rhythm native to Spain. Most popular Occurred in 1926, the rhythm Paso Dobe has been accepted. Packed into the rhythm of the competition Looks like a matador, a bullfighter. Speed ​​per minute: 60-62 bar per minute.
  • JIEVE is a rhythmic swing dance influenced by ROCK’N’ROLL, BOGIE and AFRICAN / AMERICAN SWING has evolved into the rhythm. JITTERBUG (JITTERBUG) Then Magyve entered an international race with speeds of 42-44 bars per minute.

For you Who are interested and want to know how each beat beatsYou can ask for more details at Moda dance Studio 😊
These are all five Latin American Dance rhythms.

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